1)      Question: Where is your company located?

Answer: Our Company is located at: 9 moo 7 Tambon Huai Kham, Nong Khae. Saraburi 18230

2)      Question: How can we verify your company?

Answer: Here is our company registration number (0195557000797) and company name (SAENGTHONG SUPPLY CO LTD.) You can look us up at the Thailand government business website by searching our company name in the search bar at top right. Here is the link: https://www.dbd.go.th/Applications/cds/

3)      Question: Can we visit your factory?

Answer: All buyers can visit after the complete change of ownership and certificate of ownership is issued in the buyer’s names alongside the SKR (Safe keeping receipt.)

4)      Question: What’s your payment term?

Answer: Our payment term is TT 30% against PI and 70% against shipping documents

5)      Question: Can I have my own brand?

Answer: About the brand, we always supply OEM, the client could have their own brand.

6)      Question: What’s the loading time?

Answer: 2-3 days after received the deposit

7)      Question: Can I have sample?

Answer: Free sample and buyer pays for the transportation cost by DHL or EMS

8)      Question: What Certificate your company have got?

Answer: We have HACCP, HALAL, BRC, FDA, QS, and Thailand Hygienic Authentication for Exporting  

9)      Question: Can you export to EU country?

Answer:  YES, WE CAN

10)   Question: How to store the canned tuna?

Answer:  Carefully label all home canned or commercially canned food containers.  We recommend labeling purchase date (month & year) on can lid with marker. Store all canned food in cool, dark, dry space away from furnaces, pipes, and places where temperatures change like un-insulated attics. Do not allow sealed cans or glass jars to freeze. Freezing changes food textures, and leads to rust, bursting cans, and broken seals that may let in harmful bacteria. Always store metal cans off of the floor, especially bare concrete.  Moisture can wick up to cans and encourage rusting.

11)   Question: What is the shelf life of canned tuna?

Answer:  As a general rule, unopened home canned foods have a shelf life of two years and should be used before 3 years. Commercially canned foods should retain their best quality until the expiration code date on the can.  This date is usually 3-5 years from the manufacture date.

12)   Question: What should we take care before we open canned tuna?

Answer:  Always use FIFO (First-in, first-out), meaning use your oldest cans first.  Before opening, discard any badly dented, bulging, rusty, or leaky cans or jars that have broken seals. Open cans or jars to view and smell contents. When opening, discard any can that spurts.  Discard contents (do not taste) if there is a strange odor or appearance.