Saengthong Supply Co., Ltd. has been Thailand’s leading manufacturer of high-quality and affordable canned Tuna.

Saengthong Supply Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001 and has been family owned since. Through the application of advanced processing and quality-control systems supported by international standards such as HACCP, GMP, and BRC, the company has consistently delivered premium quality and safe products to consumers around the world. More importantly, the company has a strong commitment on sustainability of fisheries as well as having good labor practices and corporate


To be a premier Thailand-based manufacturer of canned Tuna products.
To be managerially and financially strong, for major private labels and our own branded products in global markets.
To be highly respected by customers, suppliers and employees for our reliability, quality and service.


To exceed our customer expectations by delivering consistent and reliable products at a great value whilst promoting seafood sustainability initiatives and positively impacting the communities and all the stakeholders that we serve.